Soil & Plant Tissue Testing

Soil & Plant Tissue Testing


CLS offers both soil and plant tissue testing for a very reasonable/competitive cost.


All of our samples are sent to A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. where they are analyzed, and a results sheet is emailed back to our agronomists as well as the producer. Our agronomists then are able to give an accurate recommendation for the products that each producer should use on their crops.


Soil samples


  • Generally take 1 week to be analyzed and receive the results.
  • Can be taken before seeding, or after crops have been harvested/before freeze up.


Plant Tissue samples


  • Generally take about 3 days to be analyzed and receive the results.
  • Can be taken at any point throughout the season after the first 2 true leaves have emerged.
  • Must wait 7-10 days before sampling if chemical (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides,etc.) has been applied.


Blending & Deliveries


  • Here at CLS, we have the ability to blend the nutrients your fields require into totes, to make your on farm mixing as easy as possible.
  • If required, a member of our CLS team can arrange for product/tote delivery to your yard site.