LigniJoule (formerly known as Lignohumate®) is a proprietary product manufactured from sustainably obtained, natural raw materials effective in supporting crop growth systems at the roots, stems and leaves, acting like the organic matter already present in your soil.


Applied with other crop inputs, LigniJoule increases the water and nutrient holding capacity, all due to the very high cation exchange (CEC) of the products. More plant nutrients can enter the crop, and are rapidly assimilated into ongoing plant processes.


Crops that are grown with the use of LigniJoule typically will have larger root masses, with plant stems that are thicker and stronger, and will show larger leaves with higher levels of photosynthetic pigments.


All LigniJoule products are 100% water soluble, as well as compatible with all general spray products (always jar test if in doubt), and are used at low rates. Being from biosphere-based raw materials, LigniJoule products are safe to plants, as well as animals and humans.


Measured responses to LigniJoule use in over 20 different crops have shown these products can turn in real results with existing soil and plant systems. Replicated field trials in Europe, Canada and USA have shown not only quantity of output, but quality of crop output is increased as well. Protein % increases, gluten %, oil % content, dry matter, as well as soluble sugars (BRIX) can be increased to higher levels for better total value for the grower per acre. Whether it is corn (results of => +20 bushel/acre), soybeans (results of => +15 bushel/acre), or crops like canola, wheat (spring and winter), flax, sugar beets, potatoes, sunflowers or alfalfa, the payback to the grower can be considerable.


Carlisle Liquid Starters is proud to be your Western Canada and Northern US distributor for LigniJoule. With LigniJoule being used on Darrel Carlisle’s family farming operation, Carlisle Liquid Starters can provide unique advice and support for your farming operations.


For all agronomic, trial and demo support contact:

Scott Walker

DSW Consulting Specialist in Soil & Plant Health
Phone: (204) 724-5706


LigniJoule Dealers!


  • Carlisle Liquid Starters: Carroll, MB – Contact Darrel or Jenica @ (204) 483-2774
  • Oakwood Plant Foods Inc.: Oakbank, MB – Contact Frank Helen @ (204) 292-8552
  • Payette Seeds: Rathwell, MB – Contact Mike Payette @ (204) 526-0978


  • Greenleaf Agri Ventures: Birsay, SK – Contact Dean or Doug Erickson @ (306) 831-8415
  • Nachtegaele Farms: North Battleford, SK – Contact Dwayne Nachtegaele @ (306) 441-6577
  • Synergy Ag: Govan, SK – Contact Garnet Hubick @ (306) 484-1000
  • Synergy Ag: Balcarres, SK – Contact Kelvin Lingelbach @ (306) 331-8411
  • Synergy Ag: Lumsden, SK – Contact Ray Howell @ (306) 731-7696
  • Synergy Ag: Lewvan, SK – Contact Cal Wagar @ (306) 245-3739
  • Synergy Ag: Pense, SK – Contact Scott Klemp @ (306) 345-2336
  • Zwingli Ag: Melfort, SK – Contact Trent Zwingli @ (306) 921-7234


  • Ag Land: La Crete, AB – Contact George Unrau @ (780) 926-1133
  • Albrecht Green Acres: Schüler, AB – Contact Travis Albrecht @ (403) 502-6332
  • Fabian Seeds: Tilley, AB – Contact Patrick Fabian @ (403) 633-9999
  • Hawk Hills Service: Manning, AB – Contact James Knievel @ (780) 836-6453
  • JTS Agrow: Bruce, AB – Contact Jordan Schmaus @ (780) 385-1221
  • R A West Int.: Vulcan, AB – Contact Bob West @ (403) 485-1918
  • Synergy Ag: Provost, AB – Contact Greg Nyberg @ (780) 753-2560

North Dakota, USA

  • High Quality Grain: Bottineau, ND – Contact Dan Bullinger @ (701) 228-8344
  • R.O.I. Enterprises LLC: Minot, ND – Contact Jeremy Mosser @ (701) 240-4076
  • J.O.C. Inc.: Rolette, ND – Contact Dean Block @ (701) 228-8799


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