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NEW PRODUCT! F16 Energy Pak: is a total balanced nutrient product intended to be used as a foliar complement to a calculated fertility management program. It may be used alone or in combination with other ALPINE® liquid fertilizers to meet the nutrient requirements of the specific crop. Containing N-P-K & Micronutrients including Mn, Mo, Fe, B, Cu, Zn. This foliar product comes pre-packaged with LigniJoule – a biopolymer energy resource product expressly designed to support photosynthesis.


G-22®: Is a liquid fertilizer containing 70% orthophosphate (the plant available form of phosphate that is one grade below food grade), which means it is readily available, seed safe, and gives the plant a great start even under cold conditions!


HKW18®: Is a liquid fertilizer that provides a very agronomically efficient source of N-P-K. Increasing the nitrogen uptake as well as containing 100% orthophosphate and plant available potassium.


K-24®: A unique form and superior source of potassium that is not caustic or corrosive, resulting in safer foliar applications and less plant stress. K-24® is uniquely formed by the combination of an inorganic salt with an organic acid, resulting in the formation of an acetate based potassium.


K-Thio®: Is an excellent source of both plant available potassium and sulphur, containing potassium hydroxide and elemental sulphur. It is a chloride free formulation, making K-Thio® plant safe at recommended rates.


CRN-B®: Provides the plants with a quick uptake of nitrogen as well as a controlled release of 33% nitrogen over a period of 3-4 weeks to provide additional nitrogen in an efficient manner corresponding to crops needs.


Micronutrients: Micronutrients are essential to plant life. However, many producers rely on the micronutrients that the soil contains, not realizing that often a micronutrient deficiency is what will restrict a crop from reaching its genetic potential. Producers should also become aware of the interactions between nutrients as an over supply of one nutrient can cause another nutrient to become the limiting factor.


MicroBolt Zn® (Zinc): is crucial to flower formation & acts like “antifreeze” in the plant to give early and late frost protection.


MicroBolt Cu® (Copper): Plays an important role in preventing diseases such as net blotch, ergot, and pig tailing.


MicroBolt B® (Boron): Vital to the growth & development of the plant and is also a necessity in the pollination and seed production stages.


MicroBolt Mn® (Manganese): Assists Iron in Chlorophyll production as well as increasing lignin building qualities that prevent lodging & disease. Without Manganese, there is no seed production.


MicroBolt Mo® (Molybdenum): Transforms nitrogen into amino acids, allows legumes to symbiotically fix atmospheric nitrogen, and is a catalyst in oxidation-reduction process.


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