About Us

How CLS Began

Darrel Carlisle is the owner of Carlisle Liquid Starters (CLS). On his Family farm in 2005, Darrel had been using Alpine and saw great results, but there were no local dealers. In 2006, Darrel started CLS to become a dealer of Alpine products so other local farmers would be able to use the various crop nutrition packages that Alpine has to offer.

CLS started with about 10 customers in its first year, but by 2011, CLS was getting much busier and growing because of the results seen by producers.

Darrel had an opportunity to downsize his family farm from 7000 acres to 2500 acres, so he could build the new site that we are currently located at, but still have enough farmable acres to run trials, work with new products, test application rates, and determine the best timings for nutrition applications.

Currently, CLS shares it’s building with OK Tire Carroll and Precise Application LTD.

OK Tire Carroll has become a full service shop for not only cars, trucks, and SUV’s but also for Semi trucks and trailers! Providing routine maintenance as well as safeties … and of course supplying tires for just about anything! Also available for on-farm service calls!

Precise Application LTD. was formed in the early spring of 2016 when Carlisle Liquid Starters began selling Bio-Sul Premium Plus. They became a Bio-Sul “Trusted Applicator” due to their precise spreading capabilities with the Agri-Spread Spreader boxes on their RBR high clearance units. Precise Application LTD. will custom apply any granular fertilizer including lime & Bio-Sul, they also have the ability to spread seed as well.

How far CLS has Come

Lots of things have changed since Carlisle Liquid Starters first began. CLS started with as few as 10 local customers in the beginning to now serving over 250 customers across Western Manitoba and South-Eastern Saskatchewan.

We have grown in the products we offer as well. CLS used to only offer Alpine products, but we are now a distributor/dealer for LigniJoule (Formerly known as Lignohumate®), Bio-Sul Premium Plus, Omex,  Endura Plas, Novid, DenHartog, Banjo, Brigges & Stratton, Honda Pumps, Green Leaf VR Nozzles, Tee-jet, Hypro, Ace Roto-Mold, Wilger, & Raven GPS equipment.

In 2014, OK Tire franchise store opened and shares the same location. Now there are ag mechanics, light to heavy duty vehicle mechanics, tire specialists, service & delivery trucks all available through our location.

Our newest venture began in early 2016, when we became a dealer for Bio-Sul Premium Plus as well as partnered with Precise Applications LTD. as our trusted applicator for Bio-Sul Premium Plus! Bio-Sul is an elemental sulphur with an environmentally friendly sustainability story, and it is the most cost effective per LB. of Sulphur on the market! Call Jenica or Darrel for more information! 204-483-2774!


Carlisle Liquid Starters aims to create a “one stop shop” for producers. Providing highest quality products & services to our customers!

Moving Forward

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Bio-Sul is the most cost efficient elemental sulphur solution on the market. By using grocery store compost as a carrier, our production costs are greatly reduced so we are able to pass those savings on to you! Expect one application to last longer than any other in the industry!

At CLS we want to help you save 25-50% on your sulphur inputs! Give us a call to find out how we can help you do just that!



LigniJoule (Formerly known as Lignohumate®) has been used in Western Canada for 10+ years, however there are still many producers that don’t know about it’s benefits to crop production.

Here at CLS we would like to do more work with producers to prove LigniJoule’s ability to increase stand-ability, and help promote growth by transferring energy from sunlight into the plant.

LigniJoule has also developed on seed applications for pulse crops. We are aware of the major benefits that this seed treatment can have, as we have seen substantially better root development as well as better nodulation when used on peas, lentils, and soybeans.


Most of all


Carlisle Liquid Starters #1 goal is to make sure the dollars that producers spend on their crop will give them the best possible “bang for their buck!”


Professional, experienced & dedicated

Darrel Carlisle, Owner


Cell Phone: 204-729-5612


Darrel has dedicated his life to his family, his family farm, and his customers. He started CLS to help other producers achieve better yielding and higher quality crops. If you don’t find Darrel in the office or working in the field, he will be found spending quality time with his wife, Lisa, and their two sons.

Michael J.R. Besser, Sales Representative


Cell Phone: 204-868-5085

Home Office: 204-867-2947

Michael (Mike) joined our CLS team July, 2018. He is based out of his home office in Minnedosa, MB.

Adam West-Burnham, Trucking Logistics/Equipment Assembly/Crew Foreman


Cell Phone: 204-724-5421

Adam has been a long standing employee of Carlisle Liquid Starters. He is now a part owner and crew foreman of Precise Application Ltd. (The trusted applicator company that spreads Bio-Sul among other fertilizers)

Katie Melnyk, Agronomy/Sales Representative


Cell Phone: 204-724-2169

Katie graduated from A.C.C. with a diploma in Agribusiness, and joined our CLS Agronomy/Sales team May of 2018!

Jenica Grant, Agronomy/Sales/Marketing


Cell Phone: 204-724-6346

Jenica completed her Agricultural Management Diploma-Marketing Major through Olds College. Jenica enjoys working with customers to find nutrient packages that will suit each farms’ unique needs! She joined our CLS team in the spring of 2014!

Mark Fenwick, GPS Specialist/Precision Farming


Cell Phone: 204-741-0589

Holly-ann Roberds, Washing/Equipment Assembly/Spreader Operator

Lisa Carlisle, Accounts Manager

Michelle Kozak, Office Administration/Parts

Mike O’Hara, Logistics/Equipment Assembly


Cell Phone: 204-441-9749



in Western Manitoba & South-Eastern Saskatchewan


Associated Companies

OK Tire




Ron Bridges, Owner/Manager

Dave Robinson, Sales & Services Representative

Andrew Scott, Sales & Services Representative

Terry Degerness, Truck & Trailer Service

DSW Enterprises & Consulting




Scott Walker, Soil + Plant Heath Specialist

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Dan Aberhart

Precise Applications Ltd.


204-483-2774 (Office)

204-724-5421 (Cell)


Adam West-Burnham, Owner/Operator